Brady’s Lookout Cider Classic Orange Pippin keeps it simple by combining the classic dessert apple with a big aroma, the Cox’s Orange Pippin with the easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master technique of Methode Traditionelle cider making.

Brady’s Lookout Cider has been making some pretty bloody good Methode Traditionelle ciders lately. Now they are going down the single variety cider path, where there is nowhere to hide. The quality comes down to two things, how good are the apples and the skills of the cider maker. The cidermakers at Brady’s are the orchardists and they have been growing apples there for a couple of generations. This is a pretty rare opportunity for a cider maker to have this level of knowledge and then be able to adjust little things all the way from the soil to pruning through picking and pressing and all the little steps until the cork is caged onto the bottle.Brady's Lookout Cider Classic Orange Pippin Label side label

Some say that the Orange Pippin apple is the best dessert apple but over recent times it has been near impossible to find in a greengrocer at least in Australia. However, it is gaining popularity with cider makers so let’s see why.


The Nose

It’s jumping out of the glass with orange blossoms and apple fresh and just a dash of horsey funk. As it warms it begins to release sweet perfumes

The Taste

First, you are hit with a fine mousse of bottle-conditioned bubble froths away in your mouth then it fades into burnt sugars and barrel-aged vanilla oak. As the name suggests the Cox’s Orange Pippin does give a bit of an orange juice vibe. Here it is showing up as something like an orange liqueur balancing against warm whiskey.

Final Thoughts on Brady’s Lookout Cider Classic Orange Pippin

By the time I finished a few glasses of this I was beginning to think I was sipping on a fizzy cocktail, an apple brandy sidecar only a fine Tasmanian Methode Traditionelle cider. A classic cider masquerading as a classic cocktail.

Product Brady’s Lookout Cider Classic Orange Pippin
Company Brady’s Lookout
Sweetness Medium Dry
Alc/Vol 11.5%
Country of Origin Australia
Region  Tasmania

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