This isn’t the first Willie Smith I’ve reviewed here. Today it’s their newest member in the family named Willie Smith’s Organic Perry. Is there going to be any sibling rivalry?

Willie Smiths Organic Perry reviewWillie Smiths have been experiencing steady growth over the last few years and like most cider makers there comes a time when they feel it necessary to experiment with pears. Whether it’s a marketing move to give Perry fans an option or the cider makers are challenging themselves in a new direction.

100% Organic Beurre Bosc pears from the Smith’s family orchard are crushed just before champagne yeast is added to that juice.

Lets get something straight. If I go to the pub I would never buy a “pear cider”. Why would I? They’re all too sweet and a little bit shallow. It’s simple science Pears have a type of sugar yeast can’t eat, therefore at the end of the day a sweeter drink, And there are better drinks out there. Most big name pear ciders are directly aimed at people who have grown out of alcopops. Willie Smith’s have used the correct terminology calling their pear based drink a “Perry“. If you want to get really technical, there are certain Perry pear varieties in the same way there are specific cider apples. Willie Smith’s orchard primary grows fruit for eating. As they are organic, part of the philosophy is not wasting anything, so any pears deemed “ugly” get diverted to the cider mill. This explains the use of the eating pear, Beurre Bosc.

So is a Perry better than a pear cider? The label says pour into a glass so that’s what I did.

The Nose

This is such a subtle scent. You get a hint of musty pear skin nestled in that earthiness that is so Willie Smiths.

The Taste

I was expecting something sweet full of residual sugars. Yet some how this is a medium maybe medium dry Perry. I don’t know why they bothered putting a label on the bottle one sip of this and you know it’s a Willie Smith’s. That awesome dirty dustiness and a thick mouth feel that Willies are known for are all right here. Champagne yeast has done its work on Beurre Bosc Pears in a pretty special way. It does something to the bubbles and makes them acidic or bright and just a little bit prickly. Just little bit pears to let you know that this is a Perry.

Final Thoughts on The Organic Perry

I’ll say it again I don’t do “pear cider”. First of all, what the hell is “pear cider”. Cider is made from 1 thing, apples and that’s it. Perry is similar to cider but it’s all about the pears. So a “pear cider” must be an in-between thing or a marketing term from a macro-fuax-cidery (yes I did just say macro-fuax-cidery, thanks Budwiser for the inspiration) in the moments before that added strawberry and lime.

People who like other Willie Smith’s other ciders will like this without a doubt. It is a nice subtle twist on their original Organic Cider label.

So next time I’m at the pub I’m still not going to get a pear cider, but I’d be more than happy with a Perry, A Willie Smiths Organic Perry.

Product Organic Perry
Company Willie Smith’s
Sweetness Medium
Alc/Vol 4.7%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Huon Valley, Tasmania

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