The Perth Cider started it all off for the guys at Funk Cider. Their original Cider is also their best-selling product. But what it is it all about?

The Funk Farm isn’t a great climate for growing apples but the Perth Hills, located about half an hours drive away, is. The high altitude, latitude and rainfall make for a special little microclimate that the apples seem to thrive in. When the guys moved to the farm there was a winemaking facility there. And of course, they put it to good use making cider, as soon as the grapes were washed out.Perth Cider side of can

One of the interesting things that came up in my resent Sex Machine Cider is how Funk no pasteurization or preservatives. They can get away with a light-filtering of the cider and by keeping it cool, the canned ciders stay how the boys at Funk Cider intended.

Keep me cool label on the Perth Cider can

The Nose

Perth Cider has an interesting mix of milk chocolate and honeycomb. It’s not all that appley but that’s fine as the honeycomb is thick and rich

The Taste

The honeycomb flavour rings out in the cider as soon as it hits your taste buds it builds to a tart apple hit. That tartness is needed because there is plenty of sweetness here. There is a huge amount of fruit in this. Lots of juicy red apples and just a little sense of red summer berries.

The finish does hang around. Maybe that’s just the time zone difference

Final Thoughts on The Perth Cider by Funk Cider

There is a lot of similarities between Perth Cider and The Sex Machine. Where the Sex Machine tends toward berries, the Perth Cider is all about the smooth honey tones. The lower sugar means it’s a little more session-able but might need to be paired with a few salty snacks.

Product Perth Cider
Company Funk Cider
Sweetness semi Sweet
Alc/Vol  4.8%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Western Australia

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