Back in 2010 two mates set themselves with a simple goal – to make Australia’s best cider! By keeping it local and keeping it simple, the Hills Cider Company has come up with a cider that is hard to beat and gives you every bang for your buck.

Hills Cider Company knows that a local economy is important to a local community. Local jobs mean money is spent locally, which in turn means more jobs. The apples used are grown locally, and the fermentation process is started as soon as they are pressed. This doesn’t leave them any time to add any nasties like sugar or concentrated juice.

This philosophy won them the “Best Buy Award 2012” at the Cider Australia Awards.

Tasting Notes

The pale, golden liquid poured from its screw cap bottle into my pint glass.

The Nose

This is a simple cider – it smells like a cider, a fresh and zesty one. The reason why it smells like an apple cider is that there are Johnathan apples in the mix. While not a traditional cider apple, they do have a big apple smell.  What could more do you want?

The Taste

Hills Cider - Apple Cider
Hills are a bright drink without being overly bubbly. The crisp dryness makes it an easy drinking cider. The zesty, almost citrusy tang makes it a great one to have after a hard day’s work. This acidity comes from the Granny Smith apples. Golden Delicious apples have been used for a fuller mouth feel. If you are a fan of a cold lager and want to dip your toe in to the world of cider, you couldn’t ask for a better place to start.

Pairing ideas

I tried the Apple cider with a sticky honey, chilli chicken stir fry.  The crispness cuts through the honey flavours. Honey and cider are old friends, for example Cyser is Cider made with honey to boost the sweetness and the alcohol content.

Final Thoughts on The Hills Cider Company Apple Cider

Some things are brilliant because of their complexity. The Hills Cider Company has made something where the beauty lies in its simplicity. If you want to wean yourself off beer The Hills Cider Company should be your starting place.

Product  The Hills Cider Company – Apple Cider
Company The Hills Cider Company
Sweetness Dry
Acidity Low
alc./vol 5.0%
Country of Origin Australia
Region South Australia

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