Flying Brick Draught Cider is made by the Flying Brick Cider company on the Bellarine Peninsula to the south of Melbourne. Flying Brick Cider company have a cider house open to the public. The cider house is a place to serve up  new experimental ciders but it also showcase the main stay ciders like the Flying Brick Draught Cider which we’re looking at today.

One of the things I love about ciders is the fact that they are often tied to local folk law. The name Flying Brick Cider refers to the black cockatoos that are locally known as flying bricks. It’s said that a group of them flying over head is good luck. It’s an odd thing to think a flock of overhead bricks would be a sign of good luck.Flying Brick Draught Cider bottle label

The Nose

Fresh and bright is the first impression from the Flying Brick. A gentle attempt at some funk , but it’s a fresh funk. The “unashamed and unrestrained” probably refers to the yeasty tendency cut by some tart Granny Smith. The Funk is balanced with a strong cleanliness, like a freshly cleaned kitchen work surface

The Taste

The Flying Brick Draught Cider starts off with a bit of a hint of honey smooth sweetness. This seems like it’s being provided by some red apple skins and is there for approachability. The mid section has a bit more depth. The Flying Brick Draught Cider nudges itself in the directions of sourness and bitterness reminding me of a piece of sour dough toast. This coupled with subtle tannin, the combination nicely offsets the upfront sweetness. This ticks all the boxes for a sessionable cider.

Coming in at 5.8%, it’s quite strong and you can taste some of that alcoholic heat balanced with a solid mouth-feel.

The finish is nice and crisp, the only trace left behind is just a tiny amount of bitterness tannins.

Final Thoughts on the Flying Brick Draught Cider

There are very few ciders on the Aussie market designed and marketed as a draught cider. Lower residual sugars and a few tannins put it in the same league as an easy drink after work beer. This was one of those ciders that I found it hard to write about. Despite buying a 4 pack I could drink the cider much quicker than I could write about it. Which speaks volumes to the enjoyment taken from Flying Brick Draught Cider.

Product Flying Brick Draught Cider
Company Flying Brick
Sweetness  Medium dry
Alc/Vol 5.8%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Bellarine, Victoria

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