The Bellarine Peninsula is where you’ll find the Flying Brick Cidery. This year’s special release is a  master class in how to technically excel in cider making. The MC Cider is probably one of the most complex production methods. So how hard is it to make and is it worth the effort.

Have you ever cut an apple open and left it a bit too long before eating it? Did you notice how it started to turn brown? That is the process of oxidation. Flying Brick have let this happen to the pulp for colour and smoothness before it gets pressed on an old skool rack and cloth press.

Once the juice has been separated from the apple pulp, it goes into a low and slow ferment. Cool temperatures preserve the aromas and it also allows time for a malolactic ferment to smooth it all out. As with all ferments, there is a little bit of sediment left behind. Being a premium cider it goes through the triaged process. Triage is what makes a cider a Methode Champagnoise (MC) Finally a dash of fresh juice is added as a “dosage” to reboot the ferment for few bubbles when you go to drink Flying Bricks MC Cider.Flying Brick MC Cider

The Nose

It starts off with a riot of tropical fruit that quickly introduces proper cider apples. At over 9% ABV you would expect a bit of heat in the nose but it is completely absent which leaves more room for scents.

The Taste

My first thoughts are all “ooh’s” and “arrrrrrs” followed by “this is good”. As soon as the Methode cider hits your lips it tricks you into thinking that this is sweet and fruity but there is not a gram of residual sugar in this cider. The MC Cider is as round and smooth as a bowl of custard. The only thing that roughs up that smoothness is a hint of tannic structure in the finish of the cider. Again the fruit is so unrestrained completely hiding the fact that there is a hefty amount of alcohol. There is a mysterious final element, without knowing the Bellarine peninsula’s soil I’m guessing it must have something to do with the fresh sea air.

Final Thoughts on the MC Cider

I’ve said this before about premium ciders of this quality. Why is it not in every 5-star restaurant? And why isn’t it at least $50 a bottle?  Flying Brick have an excellent cider here. It’s a bargain blinged up bottle of bubbles that is looking for a special occasion.

Product Flying Brick MC Cider
Company Flying Brick
Sweetness  Medium dry
Alc/Vol 9.6%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Bellarine, Victoria

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