Well if that’s 2022 we’ve had it, stick a fork in it, it’s done. I’ve come to a few simple conclusions. Cider is delicious and I like delicious cider. But which were my favourites from 2022? This is the Real Cider Reviews Best of 2022This year I’ve had some great British Ciders a few American ciders, and NZ ciders too. Not to mention some very impressive ciders from some up-and-coming amateur cider makers that would be making waves if it were commercial.  But this list is only for commercially available products.

5th Place: It’s a tie Kingston Black 2022 By Willie Smiths and Spreyton Kingston Black

How can I split this pair of Tasmanian single-variety ciders made by some of Tassie’s leading cider makers? Spreytons takes it to a casual place served in a tinnie while Wille Smith is a bit more posh frock in its 750ml cork and cage bottle. Both take different paths to drinkability. They both show off how good Kingos can be when treated right. So I just can’t split these wonderful ciders. Joint 5th place.

Spreyton Kingston Black Cider

Willie Smiths Kingston Black 2022

4th Place Peckham’s Decadence

Peckhams from New Zealand put artwork on the outside of the can and more importantly, on the inside as well. Yeah, I know this contains Kingston Blacks as well but in combination with the dabinetts, Peckhams have made a rich and silky cider full of stone fruit, toffee and sherbet. Our Kiwi mates are lucky to have these at their local bottle shop.

Peckham’s Decadence

3rd Place Darkes Brewing Dry Cider

Sometimes you just got to keep things simple and a crisp dry cider is the only way to end a big day. Darkes Brewing from just south of Sydney have got you covered with their Dry Cider.

Darkes Brewing Dry Cider

2nd Place Worleys Rocky Road Craft Cider

This is a really fun cider, it’s a bit of a UK summer music festival favourite. The local apples and wild yeast make it Somerset through and through. It puts you in party mode as a great sundowner because it is so easy to drink. Chase that badger down the Rocky Road.

Worley’s Rocky Road Cider

Real Cider Reviews Best of 2022

1st Place Brady’s Lookout Legana Wild Reserve

Brady’s Lookout Legana Wild Reserve is what you drink when you can’t decide if you what a champagne or a cocktail this is what you want. I ordered a few bottles of this for Christmas and thoroughly tested them. Might give it another whirl for New Year’s Eve.

Brady’s Legana Wild Reserve

What did you think of Real Cider Reviews Best of 2022 list? what was on your list?

What will 2023 bring? Well, in my part of the world the apples are on the trees now and the cider makers are watching them thinking about how to get the most out of them so it’s just a matter of waiting.

Thank you to all my readers for your support and all the cider makers out there for answering my questions.

Happy New Year and see you in 2023.

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