Miss Seed Apple Cider is a sweet cider by the Victorian from Monkey Shines Brew Co. The first thing you are going to notice about this cider is the label. It’s a stunner of a label. But we can’t be judging a book by its cover. 

A label is so important to cider on the shelves. Your average punter, assuming they want to try something new and don’t just want to go with the cheapest, only has a few seconds the scan the increasingly crowded cider shelves. Bottles with a great label are going to do better. Miss Seed Apple Cider has a great label so it should do well on the shelves. Saying that the seethrough label is bloody hard to get focused on camera, I wonder how that plays in today’s insta-fabulous world? 

Let’s come back to the price. Miss Seed is pretty cheap. At time of publishing its $52 for a carton of 24x330ml bottles at Liquorland (in the beer section, shakes head in disappointment), Meanwhile the Apple Thief Pink Lady Cider made from 100% Batlow apples is $90 for the equivalent carton in the same store. I have seen the Apple Thief orchards and know that it costs a lot to make a cider like that. I wonder how Monkey Shine Brew Co can make it a cider over 40% cheaper? 

  Miss Seed Apple Cider Monkey Shine BrewCo

The Nose 

Miss Seed Apple Cider starts of as the fresh and bright scent of a cut eating apple. The further I go into the glass other scents come through, pine ash and fresh milk as well. Overall, it’s pleasant enough and invites you to take a sip. 

The Taste 

Instantly recognizable as a medium sweet cider with the upfront juicy apples. Miss Apple Seed is trying to show off its spicy side but it just like bit lacking in that department. Textually the cider is punctuated by tiny bubbles of carbonation Although something about it is a little bit thin it doesn’t have that full body mouth feel of other ciders. 

Final Thoughts On Miss Apple Seed

The Miss Seed Apple Cider was certainly more enjoyable that its stable mate the Monkey Shines Scrumpy. I’s going to appeal to many more people.

I get the impression that Miss Seed Apple Cider is targeting the crowd who would normally go for a Somersby cider. This is certainly step up from Somersby and that fact that it is using some locally grown Australian apples a big plus. Maybe this it the cider you go to as you start to mature off the fake ciders coming in from Europe. 

Product Miss Seed Apple Cider
Company Monkey Shines Brew Co
Sweetness Sweet
Alc/Vol 4.5%
Website monkeyshinesbrew.co
Country of Origin Australia
Region Victoria

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