Simple Cider’s Heritage Blend has a simple goal, grow the best apples they can to make the best cider they can. It’s all about showing off their Tasmanian grown cider apples.

Simple Cider is taking their blend of heritage apples including Michelin, Dabinett, Bulmers Norman, Kingston Blacks and Improved Fox Whelps, then macerating them. Letting the pulp and juice rest together before the final pressing. The juice takes about 2 weeks to ferment on wild yeasts until dry at cool temperatures. Then its maturing time, which happens on fine lees for around 18 months. It’s a simple process but the execution needs to be bang on.Simple Cider Heritage Blend bottle side label

The Nose

This certainly smells like a blend of heritage apples. It blends together meadow flowers, honey and leather venturing towards horsey barnyard elements.

The Taste

Its starts with a bright fizzy bubble and ends with a dry mineral finish. But it’s what’s in the middle that makes it special. As the bubbles die down this hazy heritage cider’s heavy rich tannins bounce off mild acids provided by those Granny Smiths. There is a bit of strawberry and even more classic British cider apples hum with just a dash of lemon to freshen it up. It goes pretty well with a wood-fired pizza covered in spicy meats.

Final Thoughts on Simple Cider Heritage Blend

Many would argue a dry and hazy cider made with wild yeast and classic cider apples is clearly a scrumpy. But when it is this well balanced and shows off those tannin-rich English apples it’s something more. It’s not an old once loved car rusting away in the back shed surrounded by photos from its glory days.  The Simple Cider Heritage Blend is a vintage car fully restored with modern techniques to highlight the best parts.

Product Heritage Blend 2020
Company Simple Cider
Sweetness Dry
ALC/VOL 7.5%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Huon Valley, Tasmania


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