The Kingston Black is probably my favourite cider apple. So, I am very excited to get stuck into this fresh can of Spreyton Kingston Black Cider.

I think most cidermakers would agree if they were only allowed one type of apple in their orchard for making fine ciders, it would be the Kingston Black. Now, this might not be a wise choice as far as the orchard goes because these apples have low yields and are particularly prone to all sorts of diseases. They say the bitter sharp nature of the apples makes it basically inedible and only suitable for making ciders, but the young kingo growing in my garden makes apples so tasty none lasted long enough to make it to the juicer.

Spreyton have fermented out the Kingston Blacks and used a little bit of their sister company’s Spreyton Fresh juice to balance the sweetness.   Back side of the Spreyton Kingston Black Cider showing 1.4 standard drinks

The Nose

I’m really enjoying the gentle soft fruity notes. It hints at marshmallows that dominate the conversation. There are base notes of smoke and wood.  If it doesn’t get you excited, I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself.

The Taste

There is something that reminds me of rose blossoms. This lightly sparkling cider has a thick mouth feel. Those smoke and wood notes carry over and remind me of a whiskey that has been slightly sweetened. As the fizz dies back it leaves behind a gentle bitterness and tannic edge that continues to fade into something mellow and marshmallowy. This is very moreish.

Final Thoughts on the Spreyton Kingston Black Cider

It’s amazing what you can do with one apple, one apple that is ideally suited for cider making. You could have bags of Granny Smiths, Pink Ladies and Royal Galas and make a light crisp drinkable cider, but it would be nowhere near as exciting or as pleasurable as what the Kingston Black can do. Then put it in the hands of a cider maker who consistently turns out some of my most highly rated ciders and you end up with this, Spreyton Kingston Black Cider, one of the best ciders I’ve had this year.

Product Kingston Black Cider
Company Spreyton Cider
Sweetness Medium dry
Alc/Vol 5.7%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Spreyton, Tasmania

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