Henney’s Dry Cider is a typical Herefordshire dry cider. It’s so typical of the style it has been awarded PGI status by the European Union. But is this a typical cider or something more?

PGI or Protected Geographic Indicator is a system, designed to keep food traditions alive. It insures food and drinks are made in traditional ways by craftsman local to the area where they stay. Basically it stops the big boys bastardising a traditional product in the name of profit.

Henney’s Dry cider has been awarded PGI status as a Herefordshire cider. So you know it’s been done right. Made in the right place, Herefordshire and it’s made from these varieties  of apples; Ashton Bitter, Ellis Bitter, Harry Masters Jersey, Browns Apple, Michelin, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and Tremletts Bitter. All are freshly juiced with no added rubbish.Henney's Dry Cider label

The Nose

Subtle spices back up a nose full of apples, but it’s not like filling your lungs at your local fruit and veg shop. It’s full of wonderful, dare I say, exotic mix of old English apples. You probably think English and exotic in the same sentence? Hugh you’ve lost the plot, the most exotic food to come out of England is potatoes 3 ways with some roast beef (roasted, mashed and a side of chips). But trust me there are flavours lurking in these apples that we antipodean cider geeks can only read about.

The Taste

If you take a look at Henney’s Dry Cider, you’ll see a dark golden cider erupting with vigorously chunky bubbles. One would expect the bubbles filling one’s mouth. Instead as Henney’s Dry Cider hits your cheeks, they are instantly sucked in by suction cups full of tannins.

Approachable bitters, gentle funk and smooth texture make it an absolute gateway drug into Herefordshire style ciders.

The flavour of those rare breed apples give off magnificent depth. subtleties like leather, dark chocolate and pineapple are all there.

The cider is so well balanced, a gentle sweetness, healthy bitterness and rolling acids support a fantastic tannin structure.

The finish lingers without cloying sweetness.

Final Thoughts on Henney’s Dry Cider

You know it’s a good cider when I take so long to write the review. I was to busy drinking this, enjoying it, to write about it. I had to go back to my bottle shop a few times to do it justice.

This could be a good cider to have a few of. The bottle says 6% but it kicks much harder than that.

Well done Mr. Henney.

Product Henney’s Dry Cider
Company Henney’s Cider Company
Sweetness Off Dry
Alc/Vol 6%
Website Hennys.co.uk
Country of Origin England
Region Frome Valley, Herefordshire

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