Worley’s Rocky Road Cider is one of their best sellers. The Medium sweet cider is a real festival favourite but let’s find out why.

Worleys have gathered together a collection of late-season bittersweet apples from their own and other local orchards to make the Rocky Road Cider. Long-time readers of Real Cider Reviews may remember that I visited Worley’s on my UK Cider Tour Back in 2018. I rode down some rocky roads to see the sheds where the cider was made. At the time the Rocky Road was not part of the Worleys range but perhaps that is where the name comes from. So, I’m excited to try it.rear label of the Worleys Rocky Road Cider

The Nose

The Rocky Road cider isn’t charging out of the glass to fill your nose. But if you go looking for it, there are plenty of nice and ripe bittersweet apples. It’s got a few summer vibes with maybe a hint of mango.

The Taste

This is going to be a tough review. It’s going down faster than I can write about it. The Rocky Road has strong bitter vibes upfront, tamed by the gentle fruit sweetness from those ripe late-season apples.

I think my favourite part of each mouthful is right in the middle where it is nice and dry and gets just a little bit minerally.

Final Thoughts on the Worley’s Rocky Road Cider

Worley’s claims this is a festival favourite. It’s so easy to drink. I’m seeing this go down a treat in the English summer as the sunny afternoons drift into long evenings. Match it with festival food vans selling Vietnamese rice paper rolls.

Product Rocky Road
Company Worley’s Cider
Sweetness Medium
ALC/VOL 6.4%
Website worleyscider.co.uk
Country of Origin England
Region Somerset

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