What do you do when you have regionally unique apples? Well, that should be pretty obvious, make a single variety cider. That’s exactly what Ramborn Cider has done with the Erbachhofer Cider from 2016 Harvest.  

There is a bit of a cider tradition with this apple in Luxembourg and crossing over the border into Germany. In the region, the cider is known as viez or the second wine because it is pressed after the grape pressing season. 

The Erbachhofer apple is a little apple packed with sugars and acids and just a tannin. All the key components for a cider apple. Which is why you may have tried it in the Ramborn Farmhouse Cider.   Rambon Erbachhofer Cider Review

The Nose 

Warm cooked apples with a little bit of musty soil scents. Humming oak notes round it out. It reminds me of being in a cellar with the cider aging in barrels and heavy air just like one I was lucky enough to visit last July or as its now known 1 BC (Before COVID)  

The Tastes 

Surprisingly sharp, it is a bit of an eye open hit of acid. The sweetness coupled with the sharpness reminds me of an overripe granny smith. The subtle sweetness transforms this into a rich liquid.  This still cider is very smooth and enveloping right up until the Erbachhofer releases traces of a mild chalky tannin in the finish.   

Final Thoughts on Ramborn Erbachhofer

On paper, this should be the perfect match for some cheese. I mean who doesn’t love a fine dry cider and cheese, but in practice, it’s too all enthralling and that cheese would just be an unnecessary distraction.  

Fine enough to be served in a wine glass, yet easy enough swig from a pint and I think I want a pint full. 

Product Erbachhofer 2016
Company Ramborn
Sweetness  off dry
alc./vol 7.5%
Website Ramborn.com
Country of Origin Luxembourg
Region Farms all over Luxembourg

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