An Apple and Pear Blend from the centre of the European Union, grown in meadow orchards. You know it’s a Ramborn Cider. This is a limited release cider from the 2017 Vintage Apple and Pear Blend.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Luxemburg, I toured the farmhouse where their ciders are made. You can see the full story here. But what I’ll tell you here is it’s where the apples and pears are sourced from that makes this cider special.

Part of Ramborn’s mission is to ensure the survival and revival of the tiny orchards dotted around the countryside. Over the years many have been lost to wheat fields or grapevines simply because of the economics of a few trees and a couple of head of cattle poking around underneath. Ramborn have made it profitable, if not desirable to have a meadow full of trees. The 2017 vintage or harvest as Ramborn call it, use apples only found in this region, yeah, I can’t pronounce or spell most of the names of the apples, so you’ll just have to take my word on it.

The Nose

The Ramborn Apple and pear have a rich scent with lots of English cider inspiration. There is everything from toffee to leather melting towards black cherries and light acetone notes.

The Taste

Upfront Ramborn’s Apple Pear Blend has plenty of fruit, back of the throat tannic hit. This lightly sparkling cider balances the bitterness from the pear with that up-front fruit. That bitterness has a bit of acetone vibe going on which softens as it warms. Late in the game, it has plenty of that Rambo apple lingering long after the sip.

Final Thoughts on the Ramborn Apple and Pear Blend

Fatty cold meats like prosciutto fit well with Ramborn’s acid profile, I very much enjoyed matching the two together. My favourite feature of the Apple and Pear Blend is that there is none of that horrible sorbitol after taste that’s so common in many pear-based beverages. I think the local apples are to thank for that.

Ramborn have presented the Apple and Pear Blend in an elegant 750ml bottle and match it with a sophisticated taste. Who’s ready for a long lunch in the sunshine?

Product Apple and Pear Blend
Company Ramborn
Sweetness  Medium
alc./vol 7.4%
Country of Origin Luxembourg
Region Born

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Thanks to Adie and Carlo for the Tour. Disclaimer Ramborn Cider provided samples and meals but did not have an influence on the story.

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