Core Cider, from the hills just to the east of Perth, we find a traditional apple cider. On the back of the bottle it quotes the Dalai Lama and tells the story of the family farm. How hardcore is the Core Cider Hardcore Traditional Apple Cider? Lets review this bad boy.


“From the very CORE of our being, we simply desire contentment” Dalai Lama

Dry ciders are very much the fashion at the moment within the real cider community. A hearty flavour and sharp taste are what many cider makers are striving for.

The story of Core Cider is much like that of many other fruit growers. The family migrated from Italy to Australia in the first half of the 20th century. The locals simply could not wrap their tongues around names like Giovanni and Gian Carlo so they simple became known as Jack and his son Charlie.

Jack planted many of the trees in the late ’30′s. Charlie took the first harvest off in 1957. Many of these trees are still going strong on their High Vale orchard.

Ten years ago Core started as a making cider outfit. Today they have an on-site cellar door come restaurant and bar. The Traditional Apple Cider was created out of a demand from the public visiting the restaurant who wanted a dry cider and that’s exactly what they got.

The Nose

Despite the massive frothy head as you pour it into a pint glass there is a big and obvious scent. What scent there is, is a dry and dusty smell. Seriously check out the head on this.

The Taste

The smell is a prelude to the taste. We’re talking as dry as a sheep paddock in drought. Maybe this isn’t a cloudy cider maybe it’s just dusty? The lack of any trace of sweetness lets the well-rounded acidity shine through, balanced neatly with the bitterness. The traditional apple labelling seems well justified here. Just like the Willie Smith’s Bone Dry this may shock those of you used to the sweeter cider, their own marketing material says it’s not for the faint hearted. Once the head dies down this 7.5% cider is a slow relaxing drink that leads to contentment.

 Final Thoughts on Core Cider Hardcore Traditional Apple Cider

Some say there is a fine line between genius and insanity. On one hand their website shows the head cider maker dressed as an Indian for no apparent reason as well as a promo video that parodies Call Me Maybe. On the other hand, behind the apparent madness is a great little cider. It’s a hardcore cider fans cider, made by popular demand. I’m yet to have a bad cider from Western Australia and this is no exception. Maybe cross dressing in the orchard and drinking real cider does lead to contentment.

And as is says on the bottle

Keep calm and drink real cider.

Product Core Cider Hardcore Traditional Apple Cider
Company Core Cider
Sweetness Dry
Alc/Vol 7.5%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Perth Hills, Western Australia

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