Earlier in the year I meet the boys from Custard & Co who made the trip over from Western Australia for the Sydney Taste Festival. Where I tried a few of their real ciders. One of them I tried was the Custard & Co Original Apple Cider I was very impressed by it and I’ve been looking for a bottle of it ever since for a proper review.

Pale golden cider
Custard & Co take a holistic view to orchard management. Any water that is used in their cider house for cleaning equipment of washing apples is filtered through a series of ponds before it can be recycled or used for watering trees. The orchards are moving towards being organic and biodynamic. The Original Apple Cider is made from apples from their own orchards and other local orchards. It’s made from eating apple because that is what is grown in the area. By support local orchardists means one more of a market for the apples, which in turns helps secure the future of the orchards. Looking after the environment is at the core of what Custard & Co do, at both the nature level and the community.

The Nose

Sweet smelling dark cherry and plum. It’s a fairly heavy scent that fills your nose as you sip from it from the pint glass.

The Taste

I think I know why they call the company Custard & Co. The flavour on the Custard & Co Original Apple Cider is like being hit in the face with a custard pie. There is a big flavour, velvety smooth with a vanilla palette. There is no getting away from the fact that this is a sweet cider, its sweeter than the LOBO I recently reviewed. There are pretty interesting flavours in there, it’s very distinctive. I tried it with a little ice and this took away some of the sweetness allowing for some peachy favours to shine though. The fine and light bead, This light carbonation means that more of the cider hits your tongue meaning you taste more of Custard & Co creation.

Pairing Ideas

The Custard & Co Original Apple Cider, I think, is best shared. The 500ml bottle is the perfect for splitting into a couple of half pints and sharing with a mate. In terms of a food parings. It would work well some salty antipasti or cheeses. It seems well suited to being the first drinks in an afternoon with the finger food.

Final Thoughts on Custard & Co Original Apple Cider

If your cider of choice is a Swedish alchopop or some other chemically sweet thing, the Custard & Co Original Apple Cider is something that you should really try. See what a 100% natural cider made with wild yeast tastes like. This cider has so much been made with so much passion I think you can taste it. The flavours are so deep and multi dimensional. This is a sweet cider fan’s cider.

Product Custard & Co Original Apple Cider
Company Custard & Co
Sweetness Sweet
Alc/Vol 4.5%
Website CustardCo.com.au
Country of Origin Australia
Region South West, Western Australia


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