Spreyton Cider, Kingston Black, Special Release. That should be about everything you need to know about this Tasmanian cider. But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t dive just a little bit deeper. 

Going into this review I have high hopes for the Kingston Black Special Release. Spreyton Cider has a pretty good track record of creating limited release ciders that tick all my boxes. They have taken out my favourite cider in both 2018 and 2019. And more importantly, it’s made from 100% Kingston Black apples which just happen to be my favourite cider making apple. 

Spreyton Kingston Black Limted Release Cider bottle  

The Nose 

I popped off the crown cap and the fog rose out of the bottle. It was like a morning walk along the sea cliff as the waves roll in. The salt spray fades as the glass warms transforming into a melody of summer stone fruits. 

The Taste 

Forcefully fluffy bottle conditioned bubbles fill your mouth’s gap, faster than an apprentice with a can of expanding foam 3 minutes before knock-off time. They subside into more of those peach and plum flavours. I was expecting more of an orange juice flavour from the Kingston Blacks but here this Kingston Black Special Release is just running parallel to other fine Kingo ciders on the market at the moment. The finish leaves you wanting more with its long slow mouth-drying finish.  

I want to say something about the sweetness levels, but it is completely unnecessary because each sip is just floating in and out of being, without needing to show off as too sweet or dry. Goldilocks would be rocking a flute glass of is this. 

Final Thoughts on Spreyton Cider Kingston Black Special Release 

The Kingston Black Special Release is crystal clear and a truly refined beverage. It was one of those bottles that you drink far too quickly to fully enjoy its finer details, which in itself should be a compliment. There can’t be many of these bottles left, I can’t think of a better way to self-isolate if you can make it last.   


Kingston Black Special Release

Company Spreyton Cider
Sweetness Medium dry
Alc/Vol 5.7%
Website spreytonciderco.com.au
Country of Origin Australia
Region Spreyton, Tasmania

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