Two Birds Brewing is Australia’s first brewery founded by and an all-female team. Their Two Birds Cider is their first cider release. Brewers haven’t had the best reputation with interesting ciders. Can  Two Birds Cider get it right?

Founders Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen from Western Australia got the craft beer bug while travelling around the US West Coast, famed for its craft brewing scene. On returning to Australia the pair put together the plans to open their brewery. In 2011 they opened the door of Two Birds Brewing in Melbourne. For my American readers, Bird is a friendly nickname for an Australian woman, hence the breweries name.

I couldn’t find out much about how the cider was made. I have reached out to Two Birds Brewing for information but didn’t hear back before publication. What I could find out is that it is a 100% apple juice cider made with all Aussie apples. Both facts are a big tick in my book. Although it does say it has been brewed. My 2020 mission to end the use of the term brewing in cider. Fermented, made, or maybe even ciderising are all acceptable but brewing infers boiling which 99 times out of 100 should not be part of the cider creation process. Two Birds Cider bottle in the grass

The Nose

This has a very similar nose to many other light and sharp ciders out there. The Two Birds Cider has elements of freshly cut grass, campfire ash and that hint of fresh milk.

The Taste

A medium sweet cider that has plenty of fizz. The top end is clean and bright if a little thin and unchallenging. Flavours of Galas and Granny Smith dominate.  That ash comes through, nesting in with a nice background yeasty toast base flavour. This finish hangs on as a gentle reminder.

Final Thoughts on the Two Birds Cider

Sometimes I only get 1 bottle to base a review on. Here I got a six-pack and had to go back to the store for a second six-pack which I would not have done if I didn’t enjoy it. It’s hard to fault, it’s pleasant enough and a good entry-level choice but it’s not going to get the hardcore cider fans too excited. If I saw it in a pub, I would certainly choose it over any of the mass-market brands.

I see Two Birds Brewing as a firm that is breaking down barriers, introduction craft beer to a new audience. Women being role models for other women wanting to start brewing. A family-friendly taproom helps with this mission. A simple and approachable cider in this setting should help people dip their toe into the world of cider. I’d certainly rather the Two Birds Cider be someone’s first cider experience over a cheap imitation cider

Product Two Birds Cider
Company Two Birds Brewing
Sweetness Medium
Acidity Medium
Country of Origin Australia
Region Melbourne, Victoria. Apples are from somewhere in Australia

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