Yarra Valley is pretty new to the Victorian cider market. So new you might struggle to get it outside of the greater Melbourne region. Over the Next few weeks on Real Cider Reviews I will be reviewing two of their products including the Pure Pear. This weeks will be on the Yarra Valley Jazz Apple Cider.

Yarra Valley Jazz Apple Cider comes in a 330ml stubby and a 750ml champagne style bottle. I’m a big fan of cider in a 750ml bottle. Its perfect to take to share at Bring Your Own (alcohol) restaurant.

Recently I was talking to a colleague. He told me he had been in a restaurant. The restaurant didn’t have a cider on the drinks list. They had a hand full of the usual big name beers on the menu. They did  allow for BYO Wines but not beers. He pulled a bottle of wine from a cool bag and a stubby of cider. The young waitress said “Sorry sir but cant drink that in here, we have a no BYO beer policy.”

Not wishing to argue the cider went back into the cool bag. If he was lucky enough have a 750ml bottle of Yarra Valley Jazz Apple I think the waitress would have happy poured the drink. My only question would be: into what type of glass?

This one of a fairly limited number of single variety ciders on the market at the moment. Most single variety ciders use traditional cider apples like the Yarlington Mill or Kingston Blacks. However , as the name suggest, Yarra Valley is only made from Jazz Apples. Eating apples, like the Jazz, aren’t normally used as the only apple source because of the lack of tannins.

 The NoseYarra Valley Jazz Apple Cider Made in Australia

The smell of a cider is the first impression you get, so it’s important to be inviting. The Jazz Apple Cider has a very inviting aroma of sweet apples and fresh cut grass. It’s light and tangy.


The Taste

The first sip is very juicy,  just like crunching into a fresh Jazz apple. It is sweet like caramel but there nice subtle tang. For light cider like this there is a very full mouth feel. A small fine bead helps make this a very easy drinking cider. The finish tries to be crisp with a little bit of sweetness the lingers in the background. Yes is does lack in tannins, but i don’t think that the Jazz Apple Cider is aimed at that end of the market.

Final Thoughts on Yarra Valley Jazz Apple Cider

The Yarra Valley Apple Jazz Cider is a very approachable cider. If I was introducing a friend who’s drink of choice was a sauvignon blanc, this is the cider I would choose. The light and fresh taste should appeal to a lot of white wine drinkers. Equally drinkers of overly sweet mass produced ciders seeking an upgrade should be on the look out for Yarra Valley Jazz Apple Cider.

As summer in the southern hemisphere rapidly approaches expect to see the Yarra Valley 750ml bottle being shared by the young and glamors ladies at the picnic races and cricket matches. If you don’t, perhaps offer to buy them one.


Product Yarra Valley Jazz Apple Cider
Company Yarra Valley Cider
Sweetness  Medium Sweet
Alc/Vol 5%
Website yarravalleycider.net.au
Country of Origin Australia
Region Yarra Valley, Victoria

In the interest of full disclosure Yarra Valley Cider kindly provided some sample bottles for the review.

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