A few weeks back I road tested the Jazz Apple by Yarra Valley. Today we’re jumping the orchard fence into the pear paddock. The Yarra Valley Pure Pear is the latest offering from Yarra Valley Cider. Lets have a look at the company behind the label and most importantly see what it tastes like.

Nikki and her husband Wayne started the company at the end of 2011. Over Twitter then email I asked Nikki about what’s happened in the last couple of years in the Yarra Valley.

I wanted to know how Yarra Valley Cider got started.

“The opportunity really landed in our lap! The initial set up of project fell through in the 11th hour, so having a brilliant company name we didn’t want to lose, I thought to jump in the deep end, (I love a challenge!!) We spoke with Rob Dolan (family friend) and he and his team were really keen to brew our cider. He is a fantastic wine maker and has a wealth of knowledge in the industry. We had zero! Not coming from a wine, orchard or hospitality background we learnt on the run!!”

With a product like this, it is got to be about the fruit. Tell me about what pears you use?

“We live in the Yarra Valley and a friend has a pear orchard from which we use his pears. Buerre Bosc and Pakenham. We use 100% juice, absolutely no concentrates. We are passionate about utilising fresh fruit and have it crushed in Officer. I figure if the fruit is great to eat, surely it’s good enough to drink. Not very scientific but logical! Sulphites are obviously used for freshness. My goal in our style of cider is to make a nice introduction to new cider drinkers, as it is soft, fresh and clean. We are passionate about supporting Australian farmers and manufacturing and felt is was important to be members of the Australian Made Campaign.”




The Nose

If somebody wanted to know what a textbook Aussie pear cider smelt like, stick this under their nose. Big pear hit coupled with a sweet, pear drop lolly sweetness.

The Taste

The first thing I noticed was the creamy mouth feel, it’s so soft. Some pear ciders can an unpleasant ear-waxy quality about them, don’t worry none of that here. Instead you just get a pleasant pear cider. Just like their Jazz Apple cider it’s sweet and easy drinking. Although it is sweet, it’s not sticky instead it’s fresh and zesty.

Final Thoughts on Yarra Valley Pure Pear

You can easily see the family resemblance here both the Pure Pear and the Jazz Apple ciders are so easy to drink. They are both aimed at the pretty crowd of twenty somethings. I’ve said in the past I’d always choose an apple cider over a perry (pear cider) And I think I would do the same if presented with a Pure Pear and a Jazz Apple. Saying that though, the second choice would be far from disappointing. For pear cider fans this is hard to go past. I’ve heard many people singing the praises of watery mass-produced pear ciders but if you can find it why not try a Pure Pear and support some Aussie farmers.

Product Yarra Valley Pure Pear
Company Yarra Valley Cider
Sweetness Sweet
Alc/Vol 5.5%
Website YarraValleyCider.net.au
Country of Origin Australia
Region Yarra Valley, Victoria

Thanks to Yarra Valley Cider for providing some sample bottles. All opinions are my own.

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