Well, 2020 was shithouse. Thank goodness we had cider. Some very good ciders. This is the Real Cider Reviews list of the Best Ciders of 2020

Our Aussie cider makers have also had to deal with a very dry start to the 2019-20 season which led to low yeilds and many bushfires. See what happened down on Kangaroo Island.

Cidermakers worldwide have had a hard time with the lack of on-site sales, many pivoted to mail-order clubs and online sales. This resulted in the uneasy feeling many cider drinkers reported experiencing. “Thirsty Postie Syndrome”, or that feeling where we were sitting by the window waiting for our cider orders to arrive wondering if your local postie might have needed a bit of a refreshment mid-route.

I would like to take a moment to thank all the cider makers who have lent me their time and knowledge to help me make more informative posts. As well as those who sent me samples. Please remember this had no influence on my opinions expressed on RealCiderReviews.com

For the first time in a few years, I haven’t been able to travel to see any cider makers but where planes can’t take me, Zoom has been able to. I have been able to attend online talks and workshops all about cider making. Even the American Cider Summit series went virtual with at-home testing kits.

You would have thought that all of this lockdown time would have allowed me to write a little bit more than normal. However, this has been a very busy year for me as far as my day job goes. I also spent A LOT of time on my indoor exercise bike. Interestingly most of my top read reviews were big-name international “ciders”. You all must like it went I rip into a bad beverage. The Merchandise page was also well-read. Reminder: You should all buy some merch it helps keep this site alive.

But out of all those ciders, I did get to try some pretty good ciders and these were my favourites.


The Best International Cider of 2020

While I couldn’t travel, I did have a few ciders stashed away from my trip to Luxembourg last year. I really enjoyed this apple that is super rare and it’s even rarer that I get the pronunciation right.

Ramborn Erbachhofer



Best Ciders of 2020

5: Napoleone Cider Co’s  Louis Cider

This cider got a fair bit of online attention but what puts it on the list for me is its ability to wash away the dust of the day. it’s a great after-work pub cider. Remember pubs?

Napoleone Cider Co – Louis Cider


4: Funk Saison Cider

A tale of 2 ciders. A mid review recipe change made for a cider with more street appeal while still keeping the hints of my favourite yeast.

Funk Saison Cider


3: Alpine Cloudy Cider

Hands down the most dangerous cider on my list. A medium dry cider with big brown sugar kicks while coming in at 7%. Don’t stand up too quickly.

Alpine Cloudy Cider


2: Spreyton Cider’s Kingston Black Special Release

Spreytons seem to be booking in a slot in my top 5 year after year. This year they are coming to the party with a Kingston Black limited release, um, yes, please.

Spreyton Cider Kingston Black Special Release


1: Brady’s Lookout 2017 Cuvee

I was sucked in by the story and hooked on the taste. That’s why Brady’s is my favourite pick for 2020.

Brady’s Lookout 2017 Cuvee


Congratulations to all of those cider makers. I’m hoping 2021 will be better although I’ll need some convincing but at least there is moisture in the soil and baby apples on the trees so at least we’ll have cider.

Most of all thank you for reading. See you in 2021.

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