2015 has been another massive growth year for cider in Australia and around the world. I’ve tasted more ciders this year than ever before. More than that, the quality is improving. I put that down to the cider makers learning more every season and the cider drinkers becoming more adventurous and discerning. So here are my Best Ciders of 2015.

This list is my Best Ciders of 2015. I only write about the good ciders, I can’t be bothered with fake mass-produced rubbish like these. So the Best Ciders of 2015 are all ciders I’ve written about this year.

Best Ciders of 2015 – British

For me 2015 started off in the UK. The boys from Edinburgh Cider View took me on a tour of the towns’ best cider pubs. Meanwhile I ordered a mystery mixed dozen from the Bristol Cider Shop.  So there is fairly healthy competition in this section.

So a special mention to Hallets Real Cider whilst I  wrote about this at the very end of 2014, it’s a very good summer time cider so I couldn’t leave it off this list. With the hot weather at the moment I wouldn’t say no to another bottle right about now.
The other cider I really enjoyed was one I had just recently, Henney’s Dry Cider. By now you all know I love a good dry cider. Coupled with some good old English apples Henney’s is a real winner.

But my favourite British cider for 2015 is..

Perry’s Somerset Dabinett Cider

Somerset Dabinett Cider

Let’s get geeky for a moment. Perry’s have taken 1 type of apple (Dabinett) from one region (Somerset). I’m going to say it. Terroir. It tells a story about where it came from and where it’s going. On a less geeky level, it tastes bloody good.

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Best Ciders of 2015 – American

This year the US passed the CIDER Act. which should give our Yankee cousins more freedom to make proper cider. This year I got to try my first American ciders. I was given some bottles of cider brought back from the West Coast. I’m still wanting to try some from the East Coast. For me there was a clear stand out.

Two Rivers Dry English Hard Apple Cider

Two Rivers Dry English Cider

An English Style cider from America. Dry and fruity presented in a large bottle with a superfluous flip top cap. I guarantee you’ll drink it all before to need to reseal the bottle.

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Top 5 Best Ciders of 2015

In Australia, the 2015 apple crop was one of the best in years. Good rains early on made for juicy fruit. Plenty of sunshine later on insured the apples bursting with sweetness. We are also starting to see new plantings of traditional apple varieties come into production, giving cider makers more colours to paint with. Without further delay here are my Top 5 Best Ciders of 2015

Number 5. Maggie Beer’s Heritage Apple Cider

You may think this is an odd choice, but people know the Maggie Beer brand and know it’s quality. Above all it tastes pretty good. My hope is that people will see the brand name and just give it a go. This is a great choice for introducing people to cider and it should be credited for that.

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Number 4. Batlow OPA

I normally don’t like pears. However, when mixed with Batlow apples and aged in oak it becomes very nice indeed. It’s very easy to drink after a big day at work.

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Number 3. Big Hardy Woody Cider

Bacteria make a huge impact on the finished cider. Golden Axe have used Acetobacter to give some slight sour notes. Wine geeks and beer nerds will dig this one. Experiments in bacteria open the door to many new flavours. My hot tip will be that this style could be the new trend in 2016.

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Number 2. Cheeky Rascal Methode Traditionelle

I love bottle conditioned ciders. The Methode Traditionelle technique add another level of refinement. With the summer garden party season in full swing you should be making the Cheeky Rascal your friend.

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Which brings us to number 1.

Number 1. St Ronan’s Methode Traditionelle

Best Ciders of 2015 St Ronans Methode Traditionalle

This is a superb cider. It’s well balanced between fruitiness and earthiness. A nice butteriness rounds it out. I enjoyed this cider so much, I’ve order a couple of cases to serve at my upcoming wedding.

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There you go. That’s 2015. Did I miss a fantastic cider? Disagree with my favourites? Leave a comment below. Why not tell me your favourites from 2015? Or tell me on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for reading Real Cider Reviews There will be plenty more in 2016.


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