Last year, Napoleone cider took out the top gong for the best Australian cider with their Methode Traditionnelle Pear Cider. After winning such an accolade the supplies quickly ran out at the tasting session the next day. Finally, I found a bottle to review.

It took nearly a year to find but I got one. But a little aging in the bottle shouldn’t affect a quality cider as long as you look  after it. The Napoleone family has taken 60% Beurre Bosc pears then topped it off with 40% Packham’s Triumph. The juice’s secondary fermented happens in the bottle where it’s left to sit on lees for 3 months to help develop flavour. This bottle was disgorged May, 2014 as part of the Traditional Method.

Napoleone Methode Traditionnelle Pear Cider

The Nose

Citrus and pear form a fresh base that eludes  to an old-fashioned sweet shop. The freshness is key to here, almost minty. Under that fresh layer is an earthier layer of toasted sour dough.

The Taste

On one hand Napoleone’s MT has dry dustiness. on the other it’s just like pear drop hard lolly. The cloudy perry. Buy any “pear cider” by a multinational and its a monotone flood of sweetness pear essence, not here. Subtle sweetness upfront and nothing but a clean finish. In fact, subtlety is the key to the story. A touch pear, a touch of dust and a touch of funk (thanks the to time spend on lees). All these little elements add up to a full flavour. Best experienced in small doses from a champagne flute.

Final Thoughts on the Methode Traditionnelle Pear Cider

A nice pear juice pair fermented into nice cider. I can see why it won the accolades it did. It ticks a lot of the boxes on the judges score card. The balance of the pear, the funk and the dustiness clearly would have scored big marks. I’m just not a fan of perrys. Some people like red wines others opt for whites the same is true for ciders and perrys. If you fall into the perry loving camp you would be hard pressed to find a more elegant and thoughtful way to enjoy this genre. Napoleone’s Methode Traditionnelle Pear Cideris pure quality. Not preferring perrys wont stop me from serving this to friend at dinner. Perhaps with a Gruyere and potato gratin because this perry will impress.

Product Methode Tradionnelle Pear Cider
Company Napoleone
Sweetness Off  Dry
Alc/Vol  5.5%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Yarra Valley, Victoria

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