The 2014 Australia Cider Awards Go To…

UPDATE: 2016 Australia Cider Awards Results can be found here.

Best Australian Cider goes to Napoleone Cider Methode Traditionalle Pear Cider

Thatchers Cider was celebrated at a 2014 Australia Cider Awards gala prize ceremony, attended by more than 100 industry players from around Australia and overseas, at the Kelvin Club in Melbourne’s CBD tonight. Its Thatchers Gold offering won three trophies – Best in Show, Best Cider and Best International entry.

“The Best in Show was chosen by the judging panel as it showed complex spiced apple characters and aromas with some development – a lovely example of a medium cider in the traditional style,” said chair of the judging panel Gary Baldwin.

A record number of Australian entries were received this year – over 10 per cent more than last year – with almost 150 entries in total across 17 categories.

“The cider category in Australia is continuing to show strong growth, as is the quality of many locally produced ciders which is great news for cider drinkers”, said Cider Australia President Sam Reid.

Those cider fans will be enjoying the fruits of the producer’s labour at the Australian Cider Festival, being held this weekend at Ormond Hall at The Village Melbourne.

Class 1A – New World Dry Apple Cider

Best In Class (Silver) – Zeffer Cider Co, Crisp Apple Cider – Read my review here

Bronze – Napoleone Cider, Cloudy CIder

Bronze – Oakvale 2014 Apple Cider – Bronze


Class 1B – Traditional Dry Cider

Best in Class (Gold) Zeffer Cider Co, Zeffer Slack Ma Girdle Cider – One of my favorites. Check out the review.

Silver – Henry of Harcourt, Kingston Black 13

Silver – Henneys Dry Cider

Silver – Henneys Vintage Cider

Silver – Windermere Cider, Classic Cider

Bronze – Adams Orchard Dry Apple Cider

Bronze – Borrodel Vineyard


Class 2A – New World Medium Apple Cider

Best In Class (Silver) – Kangaroo Island Cider, Colony Cover Draught Cider

Silver – Hillbilly Apple Cider

Silver – Jachmann Royak Gala Apple Cider

Silver – Jachmann Royak Pink Lady Apple Cider

Bronze – Mercury Dry Cider

Bronze – Flying Brick Cider, Draught Cider

Bronze – Kangaroo Island Cider, Colony Cover Cider

Bronze – Mr Little Genuine Cider

Bronze – Napoleone Apple Cider – See the Real Cider Review here.


Class 2B – Traditional Medium Cider

Best in Class (Gold) Thatchers Cider, Gold Cider


Class 3A – New World Sweet Apple Cider

Best In Class (Silver) – Apple Thief Pink Lady Cider

Bronze – Golden Axe Apple Cider – Read the review

Bronze – Mock Red Hill Cider

Bronze – Franks Summer Apple Cider – Read the review


Class 3B – Traditional Sweet Cider

Best In Class (Silver) – Seven Oaks FarmHouse Cider, Bramley Seedling


Class 4 – Bottle Conditioned / Methode Champenoise Cider

Best in Class (Silver) – Core Cider Company, Corerupted Methode Champenoise Cider

Silver – Small Acers Cyder Sparkling 2012 – Reviewed recently on Real Cider Reviews

Bronze – NapoleoneMethode Traditionelle Apple Cider

Bronze – Spreyton Cider Company – Classic

Bronze – Spreyton Cider Company – Vintage


Class 5A – New World Dry Pear

Best in Class (Silver) – Zeffer Juicy Pear

Bronze – Flying Brick Pear Cider


Class 5B – Traditional Dry Pear

No medals.


Class 6A – New World Medium Pear

Best in Class (Bronze) – The Hills Cider Company, Pear Cider

Bronze – Small Acres Poire


Class 6B – Traditional Medium Pear

Best in Class (Bronze) – Hillbilly Pear Cider


Class 7A – New World Sweet Pear Cider

No medals.


Class 8 – Bottle Conditioned / Methode Champenoise Pear

Best in Class (Gold) – NapoleoneMethode Traditionelle Pear Cider

Silver – St Ronans Methode Traditionelle Pear Cider

Bronze – Small Acres Cyder Sparkling Perry 2013


Class 9 – Ice Cider or Perry

Best in Class (Silver) – Small Acres Cyder Pomona Ice 2012


Class 10 – Fortified Cider or Perry

Best in Class (Silver) – Small Acres Cyder Pommeau 2009


Class 11 – Experimenal Cider or Perry

Best in Class (Bronze) – Pressmans Mid Cider

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