The Yarlington Mill apple is what many cider makers are looking for in a cider-making apple. It’s got plenty of tannin, its packed with sugar and just enough acid. That’s probably why Willie Smiths has chosen it for their latest single variety limited release cider.

Legend has it, this apple got its name when it was found growing out of the wall at a water wheel mill in the English town of Yarlington.
The 2020 Yarlington Mill was born in the depths of COVID’s Australian lockdowns. Willie Smiths Apple Shed was closed to the public. This gave the cider maker, Thomas New, time to slow down and listen to the apples and let the season’s variations tell a story in the cider. The other effect covid has had on this is it is only available through Willie Smith Cider Club a service where bottles are mailed out to you.Willie Smiths 2020 Yarlington Mill Cider Limited Release bottle rear label

The Nose

Sweet overripe apples and drying hay, it’s very warm and inviting. It’s a great balance between the fruit and the drying grass boarding on a freshly opened hay bail.

The Taste

This is where things get exciting. As it hits your mouth it’s a sweet riot of Yarlington Mills and their typically overripe vibes. Then, suddenly, the fruit is gone to be replaced with a mouth-drying chalky powder-like texture poked into every corner of your tongue by fine bubbles. Finally right at the end is a hint of summery fruits in a long finish.

Final Thoughts on the Willie Smith 2020 Yarlington Mill Cider

Some of Willie Smiths ciders can be dryer than an Englishman’s bath towel. The Yarlington Mill 2020 isn’t that dry it still has enough residual sugar to bring out the fruit. I wish there was the volume to make this into a stubbie or on tap format at the pub but until then this is a very finely craft cider that would match very nicely with some roast pork.

Product 2020 Yarlington Mill
Company Willie Smith’s
Sweetness Medium Dry
ALC/VOL 5.8%
Country of Origin Australia
Region Huon Valley, Tasmania

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