This year the cider industry has not only grown, it has grown up. I’m seeing more sophisticated ciders on the market, the Best Ciders of 2017 list certainly reflects that. Ciders that challenge red wines for depth, ciders that revile champagne for elegance. Funk and bitterness will keep the craft beer folks happy. There is a cider on the market to suit every taste. It is no longer an excuse to say “I don’t like cider”.

Real Cider Reviews continues to expand, recently passing 200 posts. I’ve tasted some great ciders from all around the world. So, without further ado here are my favourite International and top 5 Australian ciders.

Best Ciders of 2017

Best International Cider of 2017

Abel Methode Cider

It may be cloudy, it may contain pears and the odd stork but this is all class. Sophisticated yet edgy yet perfectly balanced. Being from New Zealand, if this were any better it would go the way of Russell Crowe, Phar Lap, pavlova and claimed as Australian. Read the full review here.Abel Methode Cider


Best Australian Ciders of 2017

Honourable mention to MC Cider by Flying Brick Cider it’s a very elegant cider. Full review here

Number 5 Daylesford Cider – ‘Alf n ‘Alf

It’s a slow sipper for cold weather. Lots of depth and great texture. As a side note it’s well worth checking out the Daylesford Instagram feed. Read the full review here Daylesford Cider 'Alf n 'Alf

Number 4 Simple Cider Cox’s Orange Pippin

This year I have got into sushi and sashimi. I haven’t found a cider that matches better that Simple Cider’s Cox’s Orange Pippin. These guys are pretty new to the market so keep and eye out for Simple Cider. Read the full review here.Simple Cider Cox's Orange Pippin


Number 3 Bilpin – Archibald Extra Brut Cider

Bilpin have come a long way this year and the Extra Brut case in point. Think it of it like a premium champagne and you will be quickly swapping out your New Years Eve bubbles. Read the full review here. Archibald Extra Brut Cider

Number 2 Lost Pippin Special Release Vintage 2014

Fresh, funky, yeasty, and just a little bitterness. What more does a cider need? This is a cider lovers cider. Read the full review here. Lost Pippen Special Release 2014


Number 1 Hillbilly Scrumpy Cloudy Apple Cider

When I drink a cider faster than I can write about it I know I’m onto a winner. Hillbilly have created the prefect after work cider. It’s great to have with Asian food. It’s easy to drink for people just being introduced to ciders and for cider lovers alike. That’s why Hillbilly’s Scrumpy is my list of Best Ciders of 2017 Well worth having a 4 pack in the fridge just in case. Read the full review here. Hillbilly Scrumpy Cloudy Apple Cider

Did you agree with my list of the Best Ciders of 2017?  What was your favourite? Leave your thoughts below.

Thanks to all the cider makers who were all more than happy to share the behind the scenes information about their ciders. A big thank you to all the Real Cider Reviews readers from around the world. 2018 is going the be even bigger with more international cider reviews. I’m planning a tour of the UK cider making regions with more videos and interviews with the cider makers. Make sure you hit follow.

Here’s to 2018, Cheers.

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