Well, That’s it, That’s 2019 done and dusted. Tonight is New Year’s Eve and there is a fine methode traditionelle cider in the fridge chilling for tonight. This is the time of year when I look back at The best  Ciders of 2019 in an attempt to answer the question I all ways get asked: “What is your favourite cider?”

2019 will be remembered as the year the fires started to burn. Hillbilly Cider very nearly lost there currently under construction Cider Shed.  If it wasn’t for the fire fighting efforts of their cider maker Shane and a mate I would be writing a very different story.

The lack of water remains a huge concern for apple growers around the Australia. Equally, heartbreaking is the stories coming out of the UK with recent floods in their fruit-growing regions. I just keep thinking about some form of long-distance plumbing scheme. Seriously though, many orchards would not have survived this season without the use of recycled water.

On a brighter note back in July, I was lucky enough to visit Luxembourg and Tour the Ramborn Cider House. You could see their passion for the local environment and saving the their rare apple trees while helping the local birds of prey population.


Closer to home the Australian Cider Awards again eclipsed the previous year’s record number on entries. More importantly, the quality of the entries improved again.

The real reason you are here is to find out about the best ciders of 2019. This was a hard list to compile with many top-notch ciders just missing the cut. To be eligible for this, the ciders had to have been reviewed in 2019.

Best Ciders of 2019

Best International Cider

I’ve had the opportunity to see 3 different cider making regions around this year: UK, Luxemburg and New Zealand. Keep an eye out for more stories from New Zealand soon.

Chalkdown Cider

While in the Northern Hemisphere I found a bottle of Chalkdown Cider at the local supermarket. These guys talk a big game on social media and while it was on special I grabbed a bottle. It’s a very fancy little number with plenty of terroir from the chalky soils. A British summer afternoon delight.

Chalkdown Cider 2015


Top 5 Best Australian Ciders Of 2019


5. Easy Rider Apple Cider

There is no doubt that Rusty Bikes have made the Easy Rider Cider ridiculously easy to drink. But its the sherbety lemon tones that do it for me.

Rusty Bike – Easy Rider Cider


4. Flying Brick Cider Co Orginal Cider

The cider you need to show your friend who has never had a modern Australian cider. Give them a bottle of this. It’s an absolute textbook example of a modern Aussie cider.

Flying Brick Original Cider


3. 3 Son Cider –  Comfortably Numb

Sometimes you need the bright uplifting tones of a light and bright cider with some music and mates. Sometimes you just need to nestle into the couch and take a deep breath and relax. Comfortably Numb is the cider for that moment.

Comfortably Numb


2. Alpine Cider – Pink Lady Dry Cider

Coming in at the number 2 spot is Alpine Cider’s Pink Lady Dry. This cider has the ability to be served icy cold and still pack plenty of flavour while still being uncomplicated and easy to drink. It is the equivalent of an after work beer. Its really well made with a well thought out packaging, the black lid on the tin means it can be drunk directly from the can without any of the cans taste.

Alpine Cider – Pink Lady Dry Cider

1. Spreyton Cider V Squared

Spreyton for the second year in a row has taken out the top spot on my list. The combination of an excellent apple-growing region and a cider making team that really learnt how to deal with apples over the last few years. I chose this as the Best Cider of 2019 because if I could have a drink of anything today I would pick this.

Spreyton V Squared


Onwards to 2020. Thank you for all of your support over the last year. It has been Real Cider Reviews biggest ever year in terms of website visitors. Please check out the merch store to help support the site. Next year is looking to be bigger again. Stay safe and enjoy a quality Cider.



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