2021 has been yet another crazy year, thank goodness we had cider. 19 new reviews plus 1 guest review. That might be a little lower than past years but cut me some slack, a little baby pippin slowing things down. Never the less out of all the great ciders I have drunk this year there were a top 5 best ciders of 2021.

Top 5 Best Ciders of 2021

5. Kalangadoo Cider By The Side Project

This is one of the best after-work-wash-away-the-days-dirt cider out there right now.

The Side Project The Doo Kalangadoo Cider

4. Pet Nat Medium Dry Season 2018 by Oliver’s Fine Cider

A lesson in cider-making. Mixing complexity in an easy-drinking cider. I can’t wait to try more out of the Ocle Pychard cider house.

Olivers Pet Nat

3. Methode Traditionelle by 3 Sons Cider

3 Sons are the cider geeks cider makers. They have a knack for squeezing every drop of flavour out of their Canberra grown apples. Then make it into a Methode trady and it’s going to keep me coming back for more.

3 sons Methode Traditionelle


2. Kingston Medium by Peckham’s Cider & Orchard

This Cider may be better cider than the All Blacks are at rugby. Probably the best beverage on the South Island right now.

Peckham’s Kingston Medium

1. Artisan Reserve By Alpine Cider

If we are talking value for money for the level of sophistication it would be bloody hard to top this one. With the shortage of french bubbles on the market at the moment, the choice is simple, get a bottle of this.

Alpine Cider Artisan Reserve


Congratulations to all the cider makers listed. Did your favourite make the list? What was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

I want to thank all the cider makers I have worked with over the year for their time in helping me understand their products. I would also like to thank the readers, without whom this site would not be viable. Please tell your cider drinking friends and the soon to be cider drinkers about Real Cider Reviews.

Onwards and upwards to 2022.



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